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The Humanities Center coordinates a variety of grants that promote and support humanities scholarship. Announcements, application guidelines, and relevant forms are linked below.

Internal research grants for faculty (including grants for Faculty Travel/Development, Research and Scholarship Advancement, Community Engagement, and Academic Conferences) are run through the WVU Research Office.

Humanities Center Grants

Reading Group Grants
The Center is pleased to announce grants to facilitate interdisciplinary reading groups across the humanities.  If you participant in or would like to form groups of at least five scholars and/or students representing at least two formal disciplines, the Center offers grants of up to $1000 per year to purchase books or other objects of study (Films, music, etc.) to support the exchange of ideas in such a format.  Our intention with these grants is to support informal connections over group reading in order to facilitate more formal connections in the form of collaborative research, teaching, and community outreach projects.

Humanities Center Fellows 
Information coming soon.  Application can be found here.

Grants for Humanities Collaboration 

Information coming soon. Application can be found here.

Pedagogy Innovation Grants
Information coming soon. Application can be found here.

Research Travel Grants

Information coming soon. Application can be found here.

External Grants for Humanities Scholars

Multiple sources collate resources for external grants for humanities scholars. Below are just a few: