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Humanities at Work

Humanities at Work

Studying the humanities can help students work more effectively and creatively in any career pathway they choose.

The skills developed in the humanities are highly prized in workplaces, allowing our students to be vital members of a flourishing workplace regardless of the industry they enter. Think about this. More than half of Americans work with people from different cultures while even more employees engage in descriptive writing for their jobs. Humanities studies are ripe to prepare our students for a lifetime of success.

Humanities Skills For Any Workplace

Just a few of the workplace skills that humanities majors develop include:

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how to read texts and information to detect patterns and glean understanding

Speaker icon
how to use language to persuade and inform

Argument icon

how to evaluate and construct arguments

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how to interpret humans behaviors

Worldwide icon
how to better understand, preserve, and challenge culture

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how to think through issues

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how to promote social cohesion

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how to engage in ethical decision making

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how to develop aesthetic appreciation