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Become a Humanities Center Affiliate

What is the OneWVU Humanities Center Affiliate program?

All full-time continuing WVU faculty and a faculty equivalents are eligible to apply to be OneWVU Humanities Center Affiliates.

OneWVU Humanities Center Affiliates will:

  • Have formal opportunity to offer guidance, support and input on the direction of Humanities Center activities and initiatives;
  • Be listed with their academic profile on the Center’s website;
  • Be included in planning sessions;
  • Be invited to social and networking events.

In return, OneWVU Humanities Center Affiliates will:

  • Attend Humanities Center events as often as is feasible,
  • Volunteer for one or more of the following roles:
    • acting as a consultant or committee member,
    • giving a lecture,
    • organizing or participating in a roundtable or workshop,
    • evaluating grants or awards, or
    • helping with community engagement activities.

Affiliates must demonstrate a record of scholarly research and/or teaching strongly inflected by humanities methodologies or modes of thought, but do not need to be appointed in specific humanities departments or roles.  In this regard, we define humanities broadly to include qualitative, interpretive, theoretical, and philosophical approaches to the study of human experience, environments, thought, culture, and history.

How do I become a OneWVU Humanities Center Affiliate?

To apply—fill out the application indicating the ways you would most like to help the Center fulfill its goals and attach a short letter noting relevant humanities-related teaching, research, and/or service interests and accomplishments, and your cv.

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What is the WVU Humanities Center Community Affiliates program?

The Center is at work to build and foster a network of humanities researchers, practitioners, and communicators.  We aim for a diverse and well-rounded intellectual community with a rich exchange between our campus and our region, one that will make humanities knowledge accessible to the public for the common good.  The Humanities Center Community Affiliates program brings together people doing a wide range of humanities inquiry together with WVU Faculty Affiliates to build this exchange in the service of open inquiry and dialogue.

How do I become a WVU Humanities Center Community Affiliate?

Send us a note describing how you are actively involved with ongoing humanities work, as well as how you think being a Humanities Center Community Affiliate would benefit that work. Be sure to mention ways that you would be interested in participating in Humanities Center activities. 

Email us at: