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Humanities Center announces 2019 grant recipients

The Humanities Center has announced the recipients of its 2019 round of grants this week, supporting scholarly projects in history, culture and the arts in multiple disciplines across the university. Funded b y a WVU endowment from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation , grants were awarded in four categories:  Fellowship Grants, Collaborative Grants, Pedagogy Innovation Grants and Research Travel Grants.

While several of the grants went to support traditional projects in history, literature, musicology and other humanities fields, applicants were given preference for projects that speak to the Center’s commitment to interdisciplinary, collaborative and public-facing projects.

Humanities Center Affiliate Janet Snyder discusses tragic Notre Dame fire

Notre Dame fire

Dr. Janet Snyder, professor of art history, has devoted a tremendous amount of her research to the art of northern Europe during the Renaissance. Accordingly, the fire that broke out at Notre Dame this week is quite important to her and northern European art, at large.