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Meet our new associate director


We are delighted to announce that Rhonda Reymond will be joining the Humanities Center team as our new associate director. Reymond teaches Art of the U.S. from European contact to 1945; European Art History covering the seventeenth-through-nineteenth centuries; non-major, major, and honors GEF courses; seminars on World’s Fairs and Mapping and Art; and study abroad courses. She has led the initiative to form the first undergraduate Technical Art History major in the U.S. here at WVU.      

“It is an energizing time to be in the humanities at WVU and appreciate the range of the issues presented through the Humanities Center and the excellent work it has been doing to support Humanities research and outreach across campus.  I look forward to bringing my experience in creating synergy to the Humanities Center and contributing to its objectives of cultivating humanistic inquiry and increasing its advocacy of the humanities in the public sphere," Reymond said. 

We are elated to have her on the team and know her experience and vision will prove to be an asset to the Center.