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Thinking Out Loud

Developing insight into human thought, culture, and history—insight that connects deep knowledge to the way we live.

Call for Papers

Speculative Appalachian Futures Mini-Conference

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West Virginia University Campus
Morgantown, WV
April 2 & 3, 2020


Annual Theme

The Humanities Center's 2019-2020 Speakers Series, theme, "The Future," demonstrates the significant role and impact that humanities perspectives bring to discussions and applicable outcomes concerning the future.
Tara Westover

Campus Read

WVU's Campus Read engages the campuses and community in a common reading experience, which fosters dialog, critical thinking and community participation.
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WVU Reads

Take a trip with Geoff Hilsabeck through "Educated: A Memoir," by Tara Westover, West Virginia University's 2019-2020 Campus Read book. Join Geoff as he talks about the themes of "Educated," and discusses key points with colleagues and experts.