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Developing insight into human thought, culture, and history—insight that connects deep knowledge to the way we live. By delving into literature, art, philosophy, history, and more, we bridge the past with the present, fostering a richer understanding of our shared narratives.

Our Core Initiatives:

What we do and why

Healthcare is Human

Healthcare is Human is a health humanities project created by Ryan McCarthy, MD in partnership with portrait photographer Molly Humphries. This project has now expanded to a multidisciplinary documentation of the ongoing struggles of hospital workers.

Appalachian Writers of Color

Each year, the Humanities Center highlights the diversity of Appalachia by celebrating the work of a writer of color from the region.

Humanities at Work

The skills developed in the humanities are highly prized in workplaces. We want to help students leverage these skills to prepare for careers in a variety of industries like business, tech, or medicine.

Humanities Accelerated

The Humanities Center is proud to partner with WVU's faculty to support humanities-related projects by offering four types of competitive grants.

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