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Developing insight into human thought, culture, and history—insight that connects deep knowledge to the way we live.

Video: A message from Director Renée Nicholson

An Evening with Author Valerie Nieman

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

7:30pm to 9:00pm

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The WVU Humanities Center stays busy holding interdisciplinary events, hosting renowned speakers, featuring innovative scholarships and celebrating the value of meaningful humanities work that benefits the common good of the University, the state and the world. Keep up with WVU humanities on YouTube.

Our Commitment to Social Justice

We maintain a commitment to social justice, as the humanities play a vital role in support of human rights, civic engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion. Our studies address issues of racial justice, gender violence, environmental crises, economic inequities, and many more. But most importantly, we encourage critical analysis and dialogues to help develop empathy and compassion, both fundamental components of cultural and civic life and social resilience.

Through our events, programming, research and studies inside and outside of the classroom, we hope the WVU community contributes to broader social good.

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