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Humanities at Work

Studying the humanities can help students work more effectively and creatively in any career pathway they choose. At the Center, we put on workshops and events to highlight the diversity of both alumni career paths and current student's potential.

Did You Know...

  • Graduates in the humanities majors make comparable median salaries to those with bachelors-level degrees in areas like biology, environmental science, and psychology?
  • Majors such as philosophy, literature, and history have among the highest scores on standardized tests for graduate programs, such as the GMAT (business school), the LSAT (law school), the MCAT (medical school) and the GRE (PhD and other graduate degree programs)?

Work it

Learn how to market your humanities degree at job fairs and beyond.

A student holding a backpack by her legs.

Humanities at Work Student Led Panel: How I Got My Internship/Apprenticeship

Four students will share their insider tips for leveraging your humanities background into real-world opportunities. Learn how to:

  • Craft your resume and pitch to business & social science employers.
  • Navigate career fairs with confidence.
  • Unlock hidden career paths in diverse fields.

Join us on January 17th, 3:30PM - 5:30PM.